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War Letter 10 – 1945

WAR LETTER 10 – 1945 GRANDMA’S ANSWER POPP LUCRECIA VALASSUT Dear Toderaş I wanted to send you a cheese But had no clot and I had received little from Rozuca but it was no good that no rennet and I did not stayed because I know that you do not have bread and I have … Continuă lectura

War Letter 9 – 1945

WAR LETTER 9 – 1945 POP TODOR Felodo Ass .. .. 39 062 Todor Pop Bif-Meggie Tek: Pop Lucretia Valasust Colosvar Meggie In the first rows of letter you will know that I received two postcards and one closed and I understand that you walked very bad very sorry that would not take beef and I did … Continuă lectura

War Letter 8 – 1945

WAR LETTER 8 1945 POP TODOR Felodu Ass .. .. 39 062 Todor Pop Bif-Meggie Tek: Pop Lucretia Valasust Colosvar Meggie Dear wife at the forefront of letter you know your husband and me that until present are well and healthy your health and you want good and swelling from God. I received the card Dear from … Continuă lectura

War Letter 7

WAR LETTER 7 – 30/04/1944 Pop Tek Valassut Lukrecia In the village  Mezze Kolosvar Felodu: Pelmanostor Not much time to write more but I want to say that I am well and healthy as you pray the good God-ordained good God and your every day life. And again I write, for very heavy on us today … Continuă lectura

War Letter 6 – 24th of April 1944

WAR LETTER 6 – 29/04/1944 POP Lucretia Assnigasar .. 29 April 1944 Pop Todor Dear wife at the forefront of the letter you know that I received card on 27 and I understood everything you’ve written and I received money 20 Pegli and not be mad at me that I did not happen nothing, not one, and I understand … Continuă lectura

War Letter 5 – 18/03/1944

WAR LETTER 5 POPP TIODR Dear woman you know about me Toder that by present health are well and healthy want to you and you know that I received package with clothes and pies and cakes and Aurel’s clothes and eggs and Mark and bacon and tobacco and tell Aurel’s Lina that he has not received anything … Continuă lectura

War Letter 4 – 15/03/1944

WAR LETTER 4 POPP TIVADOR Asszanyvasava March 15 ‘944 Bihoru Meglfe Dear Lucretia you know about me, your husband Toderaş that so far I am good and healthy to your health the good Lord and you know that I received the postcard and I understand everything you’ve written you’ll know that I’ve sent you three cards … Continuă lectura

War Letter 3 – 1944

WAR LETTER 3 – 1944 POPP Tivadar Anu megye Valaszut Hezat Kolozsvar Toderaş 1944 Dear wife Lay hands on paper and start writing on white paper miss you sweetheart dear wife know what is at the forefront of Me that I am well and healthy and they want health to you From Good And swelling God and … Continuă lectura

War Letter 2 – 02/01/1944

WAR LETTER 2 Todor Asazamvasava 2 Januaray 1944 Dear Wife thousand First of all you know about me that are well and healthy and health You want your dear My wife. You know that I received all that you sent me with Aurel and to know dear Lucretia package do well to put me Friday or … Continuă lectura

War Letter 1 – 11th of November 1943

WAR LETTER 1 – 11/11/1943 Tek: Popp Lucretie Valaszut Colosvar Megge Popp Tivadar Dear wife is about me that I got better at forced labour camp and you know that there are many in a place from Borsa and Lucretia dear wife Take care of cattle and only gives the hay nice Regularly Just do not waste and … Continuă lectura