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War Letters

War Letter 2 – 02/01/1944


Todor Asazamvasava 2 Januaray 1944

Dear Wife thousand First of all you know
about me that are well and healthy and health You want your dear
My wife. You know that I received all that you sent me with Aurel and to know dear
Lucretia package do well to put me Friday or Saturday after Epiphany about that
to get here takes about two or three days and what you wrote I understood
all that you went to ground at the mill and to beat hemp in mortar

and tell me what’s new out there and more
and say in-law that is very much to do please call someone to help
straw in the garden lead and not be upset dear Lucretia alive and not

home that they so chose us who have children have gone
now in the second series but what do I do

with hay straw together and
put up in barn attick where you know better and if

have not committed child … to break some corn and
to finish

them somewhat like a couple bags of grain and
leave to remain in barn attick and see something and wish you good vibes on health and
and good and happy New Year to all nearby. Do not …

Much missed and loved and mother-in-law and their
Happy New Year with love and wish good health.

Dear wife and I have written more, but I had no time

Todor Szazad KM 9012 Asszan



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