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War Letters

War Letter 3 – 1944

WAR LETTER 3 – 1944
POPP Tivadar
Anu megye Valaszut Hezat Kolozsvar Toderaş 1944

Dear wife

Lay hands on paper and start writing on
white paper miss you sweetheart dear wife know what is at the forefront of
Me that I am well and healthy and they want health to you From Good

And swelling God and you know that I received
package that you sent me and told me that in Cluj he met you and I
understood that you raised hay and went three capitals of hay and I understand that
Mayor came and took your ground maize and found that about how much has he taken? And why he knows that there was fall of hail and had little of everything.

Dear wife of the request sent to me I have not done anything with it
I will write and write me when you were to go into the book Bonţida book
to decrease and I write and write who was the Mayor alone took your cornmeal or was with the gendarmes? Let me know and I write and write you have more mowing when you came home? Did you Mowe the land on the hills? Me
write what you have worked since I came home and deliver you the second time
Hill pasture is done? And I write books that I left home to go to Cluj, they have gone or not? Write to know how you cope Lucretia tell Lina let lead package brings to you that one of Borsa mail and can not take from you

that is hard and smooth to go to halt station monday back when the train comes to be there
train is weightlifting and Lucretia you send to me that mail is hard and can bring
Send kid in Prodaia pasture with sun at least two weeks and I understood that Traian he went there and tell me, does the pork eat? With misses and joys of writing than waiting for a reply kiss in-law and wish mother-in law fun



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