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War Letters

War Letter 4 – 15/03/1944


POPP TIVADOR Asszanyvasava March 15 ‘944 Bihoru Meglfe

Dear Lucretia you know about me, your husband
Toderaş that so far I am good and healthy to your health the good Lord and you know that I received the postcard and I understand
everything you’ve written you’ll know that I’ve sent you three cards dear Lucretia
And when Aurel came to me you wrote that I’ve received and now please write me
that the giving of cattle from the state as it stand? You gave something up now or not? and you
know that I have sent clothes and I sent a mail man in Borsa
and letter in an envelope to write me if you’ve got or not if you’ve got to send my package and exchanges and ask dear Lucretia with package and please write me what do cattle and sheep, calved anyone? And please write me as the weather if can be good and the country he appeared first in the garden. Where he writes on having anymore fun than many health and delight to all waiting
urgent response as amen …






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