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War Letters

War Letter 5 – 18/03/1944



Dear woman you know about me Toder that by
present health are well and healthy want to you and you know that I
received package with clothes and pies and cakes and Aurel’s clothes and eggs

and Mark and bacon and tobacco and tell Aurel’s Lina that he has not received
anything from home only clothes in my package and send me only about Friday or
Saturday package as to what to eat and then I understood that the cow calved in broad daylight
Lucretia and I realized the day of milk to go if you and I understand the young sheep

gave birth to a moldy lamb write me how you went
with a stack of hay that you went and I write that cattle are and what is the meaning of home and dry corn plants that do not believe you took that and I understand that hay
you went to plug in hill pasture and write to me that you did something? There you have it Ploughed?
Rather than having you write miss and kiss all the joy to you

expect urgent reply



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