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War Letters

War Letter 10 – 1945



Dear Toderaş I wanted to send you a cheese But had no
clot and I had received little from Rozuca but it was no good that no
rennet and I did not stayed because I know that you do not have bread and I have sent
not to expect much but do not fret that we now have milk and I will
send you with Lina and I will put you a little cheese with that If I go to it and do not
All the trouble that we thank God I’m only upset that you’re not home
And I go to you to lead your More all but still if you do not get home on
on Friday the 15th then I’m going to put myself in the train morning and in the evening and then come back and see what you come to
do and write what he said those men when those resulting package Sunday

that all said that I did so much to your package
Writing you I dreamed as if I know how come on stream and you were in Tarn
lying in white clothes and I when I saw I kissed and you said that only tomorrow evening I came and green was the next besom and

when I woke up I saw that you are not home again
only now are. May I write that I’m going to make dinner and wait for
your in-law-to come from him crippled and sick and die so you know when he ill swears me

As I said it and I let myself to go and did not want to say you go cat

you do not go that horror. And Lina’s good and please you
ment letter wood Saturday … How not to end. She writes and that such

Get package to write my first book still waiting for a reply
But do not write that then I swears what you have written me by him




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