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War Letters

War Letter 6 – 24th of April 1944

WAR LETTER 6 – 29/04/1944

POP Lucretia Assnigasar .. 29 April 1944 Pop Todor

Dear wife at the forefront of the letter you
know that I received card on 27 and I understood everything you’ve written and I
received money 20 Pegli and not be mad at me that I did not happen
nothing, not one, and I understand the giving of cattle and you’ve written that you give on Bibor.

Bull gives you only so if you think you can pair the yoke that
You Can not break yoke pair of beef that you know or you think they do not pay and
and then you can not take another and could not work any better and I understand that
of garden land plowed corn and grain. that

are beautiful but only they are velcro hoe
Velcro that he could and I understand that you have removed two mollars and have done well that
not have endured pain



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