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War Letters

War Letter 7

WAR LETTER 7 – 30/04/1944

Pop Tek Valassut Lukrecia In the village 
Mezze Kolosvar Felodu: Pelmanostor

Not much time to write more but I want to say that I am well and healthy as you pray the good God-ordained good God and your every day life.

And again I write, for very heavy on us today there have been foreign
now come visit and visit often all they do not forget us at all. My Dear Relatives
uncles and aunts I was pretty upset because there were no leave Easter now
But if no one hears because now may give us a little
holidays are not sure, just as we heard from those great Lords
Dear Aunt, I very much Please
excuse why I could not write much faster because

now you have hatred then the world does not know the man or what to
be done and what to grab for when you hear a way
and once as another. All you hear because we will carry on but I were
wherever I was and now are doing very well with the army. Please
give me a little bit you have a response time.

With that I closed the script and I would like to find in the happiest moments of your life. And tell them of our being healthy yet to forgive me that I wrote so badly
very hard because I rushed.

Welcome well remain willing



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