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War Letters

War Letter 8 – 1945


POP TODOR Felodu Ass .. .. 39 062 Todor Pop Bif-Meggie
Tek: Pop Lucretia Valasust Colosvar Meggie

Dear wife at the forefront of letter
you know your husband and me that until present are well and healthy
your health and you want good and swelling from God. I received the card Dear
from you and I enjoyed very much because in my understanding that you have carried wheat
garden. Barley and oats still you carried?

And I understand that only with an ox cart you ploughed
have not been carried by ox cow that did not match

And I understand that at the state must give 27 centenarii oats and write and that you could cut it? And how did you stack, upper or down? Write to me and I know what’s on there to write me if there’s not Front garden mowing or
no you gave to someone else. Write to me and I know what the home and

find and buy tobacco to me Aurel go home send it with him that do not receive
cigarettes and write me what are you working on at home and write my cattle and they do. kiss you

waiting for a reply



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