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War Letters

War Letter 9 – 1945

WAR LETTER 9 – 1945

POP TODOR Felodo Ass .. .. 39 062 Todor Pop Bif-Meggie
Tek: Pop Lucretia Valasust Colosvar Meggie

In the first rows of letter you will know that I received two postcards and one closed and I understand that you walked very bad very sorry that would not take beef and I did what it does and not be angry do we package bread only money is the bread we find here and not sending me breastplate
must have good weather here that I realized that I want to send him to not
send it and you know that I hired new soled boots because I have
boots have money do not take me have what I Walk These mended from me

I cared not what I walk soldier to spare He just will not go very somewhat from home any of us Two angry I write to come to us more then you come or come together more and I understand that you ploughed garden Face in two places and I understand
that you have to plough Hay Pasture and thy land shall
No more plowing and I understand that you have hay but it is mass … bad as having
Why write for me at all fun
kiss you all waiting for a reply






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