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Japanese Fairytale – video


Once lived a man named Ci-Hao Lau Si. He was esteemed by everyone regarded as rich and well received at the king’s court. Ci-Hao had many children and wives, houses, land, gold and gems, however, in the depths of his soul, was not satisfied. He was in searching of, nor did he not know what, but felt that still needed something more to be completely happy. Why not have peace and run all day long on all sides, like a ghost. Now he was here and gone the next moment, that people be surprised beyond measure, so they called him Phantom. Hold all the inns and teahouses come humble, engage in trade and politics. He listened but rarely spoke and quietly dropped off by the dark corners. And it was warm, not backing away from anything when you inquire something. Went everywhere, he drew stories about unusual things. It was somewhere a bird that charmed himself coveted Grand Emperor Go Sanjo-Tenno? Ci-Hao purchase quickly and sent it to the palace. Heard the most beautiful woman in distant lands? Traveling up there and bring home. The most expensive silk, the finest gold, the finest porcelain, Ci-Hao buy them all. Some keep theirs other gifts offered to the most noble samurai. „Ci-Hao collects rare things” began to speak the people of the land.

One summer, wandering from village to village. Suddenly, it sparked a storm, lightning streaked the sky as violently from side to another, with deafening thunder. Ci-Hao was in Edo, a tearoom in poverty. Sipping tea satisfied with the last purchase, a roll of silk in beautiful colors, it seemed that the sun was reflected in him and change his call after the eye of the beholder. It was indeed an unprecedented beauty. Two poor old people drink sake at the edge, slowly recounting. Ci-Hao hark and vaguely heard something about a golden lotus. Be very careful. His nostrils like a horse rustling in the craze. Gave all the drinking of sake curser rivers, the most beautiful geisha playing the Shamisen. The two old men, dizzy from drink, told him that back to their village, an old monk told them in childhood golden lotus legend. Every few thousand years, the high peak of Mount Fuji-Yama makes its appearance a golden lotus. Shining sun stronger than all the king diamonds together. Nobody has ever seen, but it was rumored that a poor young monk would be reached long ago. Said village elder golden lotus as Shakya Muni Buddha himself belonged, and that only enlightened Maitreya, „Buddha-who-will-come”  can collect.

From that day, Ci-Hao has lost his mind. No drinking, no eating, no sleep. Wandering from village to village, asking the golden lotus. Nobody knew anything. Almost lost hope when, after eight months of wandering, an old woman told him that ad if she heard a Zen monk talking about a golden lotus. Ci-Hao hit the road, reached Yu-Hang temple and asked the wise monk Lao Siu. Old monk appeared with piercing eyes who handed him an old scroll, moldy and leave the room without a word. Ci-Hao precipitated movements had the roll unfolded with broad smile. Mount Fuji-Yama first map of the cave and where Lotus Gold was last seen. Left on time, hire attendants, carriers and samurai. The string began to climb the mountain, passing by abyss without bottom, impetuous rivers, fought giant bears and bloody wolves.

After several weeks, climbed half a mountain. Ci-Hao was satisfied, all fit into his plans. That night he had a strange dream – a woman or a goddess whispered something to ear, smiling. Disturbed awaken of way-out and rushed its people on the road at dawn. Passed again a few weeks but seemed to spin in circles. However it went, could not move half mount. People began to make them afraid, some heard the laughter and words in glades, believed that creepy demons came out of hell. One by one, give up travel and return home. After 4 months, Ci-Hao was left alone. Without help, without food, climb the mountain paths, with lost minds, with disheveled hair. They ate roots and fungi, drinking water from rivers or ponds. Often fell almost lifeless in earth, tormented by pain and despair. Then, mysterious woman appear in a dream and he smiled. For some time, Ci-Hao began to speak with foxes and birds, once seemed like a bear says something. Climb, climb, tireless, driven when a blinding rage, when the call of a bird.

One night, the goddess had him by the hand and brought him into a dense forest. When wake up, steal his eyes struck by a blinding light. It rubbed his eyes and notes that if the closed eyelids can look into that direction without it hurt. Walk slowly, eyes closed, increased brightness and godlike music slowly heard. There, seated on lotus golden dream goddess smile waiting for him happy. Ci-Hao picked her hand and had a plunge into the light, saw his arms disappear, legs, whole body melted and became music and light. Since then, never heard anything about Ci-Hao. Some say he went to land of the gods and is called Maha -Vairochana, others believe that a demon caught in the inferno.

Lao Siu wise monk recorded in Golden Sheet of the Delightful Days: In the seventeenth year of Great Emperor Go-Sanjo Tenno, Ci-Hao, much beloved servant of the enlightened King on mission Mount Fuji-Yama, was attacked by a female wild boar as was not seen, two huge fangs on sides of the muzzle. Boar made him small-shreds.

Mount Fiji Japanese Pictures and Shamisen Sounds




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