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CITY VIPS Book Review

Charismatic Cluj City VIPs Book Review

Faclia Daily Octomber 29 2007 

Communities often live in the midst of social, cultural, political or administrative without them  know only vaguely about those who care for us because the city’s culture and development to be at high parameters of competence. Who are our contemporaries and what did they do? Are questions that we know not always respond, because areas of excellence are many and diverse, and we are interested only slice that toil. Here, however, a more accurate answer to these questions and perplexities of our Listes Adriana comes to give us in his book recently published Charismatic Cluj City VIPs (Eikon Publishing House, 2007). She gathered between the covers of her book full of picturesque eight biographies of successful people of color – she says charismatic, but business does not really know how to be charismatic – Omen who said on national or international cultural scientific, economic or political, as stated in the Preface. These four men of culture, academics and academic Bartolomeu Anania, Ionel Haiduc, Andrei Marga and Vasile Dancu who follows three of the leading businessmen of Cluj Ciorcila Horia Stefan Marius Nicoara and Vuza and finally head of the Police Inspectorate of Cluj County, John Pacurar. Common components of personality is work, perseverance, that amounted to the highest levels of performance starting down very low, hence their effort, investment intelligence, hard work and tenacity propelled him to the highest posts , honors or leverage decision. Lives are exceptional results, which therefore falls in personal success and on their own people undoubtedly on the community. If Mr. Stefan Vuza leading companies with competence and successful company, if Mr. Horia Ciorcila wise decisions for BT, their results, the effects we feel we are, or so expected. Also, political decisions taken by Marius Nicoara and Vasile Dancu, people who fight against corruption and increasing state budget, can contribute substantially to improve our living conditions. We are dealing therefore with the guys put in the service of public interest and not haunted by chimera politicians enrichment at all costs.

Adriana Listes is a young journalist very diligent and concerned about her career, I had a student in a Master of Journalism and has taken only ten of the group. She understands not to leave things in their will, without being controlled and directed the most valuable assets of youth: curiosity, desire to know and make more professional. The medallions that portrays, it exceeds the disability and Trace debutants to
address a clear line exposure, precise, full of dynamism, with short paragraphs, going directly to the target. American journalism school feels both general concept and in detail lines. Biographical elements, years of school, family life, being a professional intellectual or send to a pivotal question: time change, which favors the jump. A foreign exchange, an initiative, a meeting with a person who can decide the destiny of a successful business, entry into politics, all can facilitate the rise of professional and their biographies can become models for others, can encourage and stimulate recipe used in wars, art to succeed in life.

University Proffesor PHd Mircea Popa

Faculty of Political Sciencies, Administrative and Communication

Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca Romania



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