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HHE Bartolomew Anania

Biography His High Eminence Bartolomew Anania

Valeriu Anania Bartholomew is the last great Romanian intewar writer. Appreciated by Tudor Arghezi, Gala Galaction, Nechifor Crainic, Anton Holban, Lucian Blaga, Vasile Voiculescu, and  Marin Preda, he made about the great names of Romanian literature. Anania wrote poetry, drama, stories, memoirs, essays and made translations. Proved to be a very good publicist, the arghezian register, a great master of the word force. A splinter active post-war years, Anania was repeatedly arrested and imprisoned in communist prisons. After the Revolution in 1989, he was elected Archbishop Bartolomeu Anania of Vad, Feleac and Cluj, and in 2006 enthroned as His Highness Eminence Metropolitan of Cluj, Alba and Maramures.

Orphan with father

Bartholomew (Valeriu) Anania was born on March 18, 1921 in Valcea, Glave village, his father from Transylvania, and mother from Oltenia, southern part of the country. His father was a merchant and his mother was the daughter of the family priest Mărgăriteşti. „My father, Basil Ananias, draw in Transylvania side of Sibiu, namely the village Boz Sibiu. His parents had crossed the mountains this side, driven by troubles of Transylvanian peasant life. The phenomenon was frequent. Small country merchant, my father has fallen rapidly in Valcea and went to Bucharest. There is no settled among Oltenia – him, native Jack, Transylvania merchant, was quickly eaten by the local competition and was not settled, woe to him, nor to Bucharest. Never worked with yoke, but as a former worker for the Society of Trams as to keep children in school. I stayed in the village with mother and younger sister. We grew up as a kind of male orphans ” [1].

The „Priests Factory”

Valeriu goes to primary school in the village, and then attends the Religious Seminar „Central” in Bucharest, called „Priests Factory”, which he completed in 1941. Thus it will know great writers and Anton Holban Eugen Ionescu, both French and Romanian-language teachers at the school. Poetry begins to fourteen years with Earth and Sky magazine published in Orthodoxy, and at sixteen, article writing Anton Companion, dedicated to writer and teacher Anton Holban death, published in the journal Weather. The following year creates play Snowflakes Game which is broadcasted on radio November 26, 1938 with the support of school director, Peter Partenie.

Where from passion for this genre? „Keep under the pillow, secretly, a radio and headphones with tiny galena, built by my brother, Mitica, a powder box … after a space-saving system that is created by him. I was sure that I sit in bed near a window, to tie „antenna” of pipe and „earth” of radiator. Because this plant whose underground status I increased the interest, the frequency of regular radio scripts (in theater microphone, as they say today) and not clear like I approached poetry through such a dramatic species, at sixteen years ” [2].

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