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Ionel Haiduc Biography

Ionel Haiduc, scientist

Romanian Academy Chairman and university professor Ionel Haiduc is a renowned scholar appreciated abroad. Five studies published in Chemistry USA and over three thousand quatations in chemistry literature and science journals, two Greek and Polish translations, Haiduc is a world reference name in the coordination and organometallic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, organic cycles, biologically active compounds of metals, nomenclature and systematization in inorganic chemistry as well as science policy and management.


Ionel Haiduc was born on May 9, 1937 in Cluj. Spends early childhood years during the Second World War, as his family found refuge in Sibiu. „I was born in Cluj, where we attended school, except for the first classes I followed in Sibiu during the refuge. I remember a few air alarms. We lived near the Harteleck Park. I remember, world dearest, the siren sounded and we were all forced to flee to shelters. Also in Sibiu parents took me to kindergarten, but the first day I ran away, after I was left alone. The first class did not generate too many memories, I remember only teacher’s name, Mrs. Beu. ” „Then I came back to Cluj, Bob school, where I had three school years. We had an exceptional teacher, Mrs. Paraskevi Sova who lived over ninety years, keeping the mind clear and unambiguous. It enjoyed much love and respect from former students, because of knowledge to approach children and doing it passionately”.


Ionel Haiduc graduated National College „Emil Racovita „in 1948. „When I finished third grade in 1948, primary education reform was initiated. Where should we go to high school now, cose to our disappointment, our school was no longer called high school, but middle school. So I enlisted National College Emil Racovita, where I studied until fifth grade tenth grade.



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