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WildBear Attacks Mountain Livestock – video

Big Brown Bear Romania – the highest number and density of brown bears in entire Europe, second only to Russia and is one of the only few countries to allow its hunting. The population is so large that many bruins are encountered in suburban areas feeding of waste, yet the big ones are to be encountered solitary in the sub-alpine forests. According to CIC, the world record Eurasian brown bear trophy skin 687.79 CIC points was shot in Romania in 1985, and for the skull trophy, Romania has 2nd place 69.30 points. Bear hunts: fall season (Sep. 15 – Dec. 31) and spring season (Mar. 15 – May 15). Methods: spot and stalk, waiting, game drives and under special permit, over bait; anything else, like trapping, shooting from blinds or elevated stand or use of archery are illegal. Recommended are large caliber rifle magnums with a 7×64 mm minimum necessary. Good populations are in Gurghiu, Vrancea, Făgăraş and south-east Carpathians. Romanian cynegetical tradition regards bear baculum as most unconventional trophy (wiki).



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