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Youngs in Politics

Bildea Ioan NLP Interview

BILDEA IOAN – National Liberal Party

Political opposition mission is to punish power’s deviations in public debate, analyze the solutions proposed by the government and provide, in turn, effective solutions. Currently, in Cluj, the opposition is represented by a single party, NLP. Because SDP quit do opposition, the task is even more difficult for us. It’s a problem serious enough because, after four years of  unprecedented economic growth in a year and a half, Cluj regressed. Unemployment has  increased six times, have disappeared investors, it is embezzlement.

Q1. Political Models
I am not into politics models. The success of a politician than input into the party of the historical, economic and social. From my point of view, a politician should be interested in performance, of how people manage to solve problems. If you can not do it, remains an opportunist who uses this position to achieve personal goals or group interests. Politicians are all those who are members of a political or party, but the real politicians who impose their political projects inspired by voters. I like to think that I and my faith and political conviction to resist, as did other famous liberals – fam. Bratianu who has gone through hard times before the communists to support a belief, a motivation, a political idea. When you sacrifice everything, even life just to stay consistent your ideas, maybe you can be called a political model.

Q2. Capital
In the years 2000-2004, Cluj was represented at the Bucharest by three key ministers in a period not like the financial crisis and political desorientation now. At that moment, Cluj mattered in the political decision. For a while, we are constantly disadvantaged, do not know if intended. We were promissed roads, bypasses, jobs, large investments in the city, continuing work on the highway. Currently, only finishing investment started by liberal governments: Gherla ring road, the Turda Salt Salina, Valcele-Apahida bypasses.

Q2. Cluj people in the capital
Senior politicians in all political background having decision power now were formed in Ceausescu’s political system, come from another reality, the thing we saw how they made decisions. They were leaders and members of Communist Youngs Union (UTC). Young Cluj individuals able to make national policy performance are very few. Let’s see: things within the SDP are clear, if you do not have the endorsement of seniors, you have no chance of doing politics. Within DP, if you have not relatives, if you are not part of a group of interests or a domestic wing you fail to climb to the top. Some of the favourites make high-level policy and no one knows about them. There was a case when one european parlaiment member assaulted a girl in a night club and became famous overnight. Nobody knew anything about him till then. So I see nor DP or SDP at future leaders, people who take things so far. MDUR was able to take part in all governments and imposed a number of young people in a discreet manner, but consequently not become visible or couldn’t follow their political projects entirely.

I do not want to step on a national level, I intend to pursue a political career at the local level up to the capital would make it only when convinced that I would face there. I would not carry anyone else’s briefcase just to be greeted upon „Long live, Mr. Chief”. No. Maybe 10-15 years will be well enough prepared. Success takes a lot of luck in the capital, from which people learn, the political situation, the influence of local and central party.

Shaping public attitudes takes time and an acceptable standard of living. When people live better, see things with different eyes, begin to understand the purpose of society, public and private institutions. Now, after 20 years of post-communist regime, more than half the population is struggling to limit survival. Public mind is a difficult concept to define. In special situations change thinking, but do not believe that someone would allow the company to apply financial shocks, only strong social and political perspectives to change. You can not impose people to act now in a way that they feel aberrant or inappropriate.

Personal experience
Active in politics for seven years, I wanted to get involved since I was in high school; this book influenced me more Gulag Archipelago. During this time, I realized that there are two categories of politicians – the paper and the efficient. I wanted to be among those who manage to change for the better part of the community situation. I worked at the youth, we owned some features. Armed with political will, an essential key in the decision making, we have a core of supporters coalesced animated by the same principles. Together, we thought we imposed a series of projects, the first was Mayor for a day, run high schools with students from Cluj, from which I gathered ideas about how they would do if they were in the position of deputy mayor. We selected all the proposals and their reactions, the most interesting were awarded, and some have been applied as viable solutions to local problems.

I was involved in organizing debates and internal training seminars, where we learned from our experts how to do politics. The aim was to harmonize our views to overcome any differences between the leaders. I participated in political campaigns over the past three years, where youth work organziaţiei was very active in distributing posters and distributing campaign materials in the city and county coordination of activities in the voting rooms, call center campaigns. From October 2009 we took over the municipal youth organization and its relationship with the media channels which have taken a lot of problems currently facing the city. I learned to act as opposition leaders discussing these topics at conferences and press releases. We did hear on the subjects that we discussed. There were reactions from the mayorship, county council and central leaders. We do not stop here, we want to go further, Cluj face a lot of problems now, which, regrettably, the municipality has no solutions or do not want to impose. It’s probably dependent on political clientelism or is deemed strong enough by over 60% representation that has local council. Have sufficient arguments to justify the claim that inefficiency in solving real problems of the community. We were attacked hard when I approached the issue of the strange situation of utilities managed by the county council. We were attacked through media, which tried to minimize impact, to underestimate us. We did not feel directly affected, it’s their style of work, become aggressive when someone has the courage to show that things are different than they are trying to present. Their reaction has motivated us because we saw that we were able to draw attention to a problems that they wanted to cover up.

We try to be in tune with the topics of the day, to find the real problems can be solved simply, to make them visible to the public. This is the mission of the opposition: the power to punish deviations, to bring to the attention of those who today have power to public debate, analyze the solutions they come from the government and provide, in turn, other solutions. However, now, in Cluj, the opposition is represented by a single party, the Liberal Party. Because SDP quit do opposition, the task is even more difficult. I do not think this is an advantage, it’s a problem serious enough. They may wake up in a situation sad, hopeless, yet it will be too late to make any steps back. After four years of unprecedented economic growth, in half a year ago we were set aback 10-15 years. It’s terrible. Unemployment has risen six times in one year, investors disappeared, is embezzlement. To say that you want to cover the holes in the asphalt poured two years ago by an amount four times higher than the whole road it seems strange. The fact that two years ago promised the citizens that if elected, will solve the problem of garbage collection at district level as soon as possible and not keep their promise, it seems senseless. There are parking problems – missing. City Hall employees receive discounts on parking spaces, while the average Cluj citizen pay huge fines. Transport system is choked – we were promised investment in a ticketing system, new car park and after 2009 we have actually chosen to run many machines used in Europe sold 200-300.000 km in Romania at cost of new buses.




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