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Poppins Pops Out

Media Professionals Association Yearbook 2005 Cluj 

Poppins Pops Out – Bucharest Fashion Week 2005

November 24. Bucharest Fashion Week sixth edition will host strong participation … from Cluj city. Festival will take place over four days in three different locations.

Saturday at the National Theatre, Wella Gala will consist of six categories: hairdressers competition, hairstyle trends, special guest, fashion shows, demonstrations of hairdressing schools and exhibition of equipment and products for hairdressing and exhibition of equipment and the latest hair products. The fashion competition will allow only by young designers. On Bucharest fashion catwalk via Cluj – six collections created by Alina Morar, Amir&Dan Arcus – Men’s fashion, Real people section, Andra Clitan Anca Groza – British-inspired collection, Monica Nechita – Urban style and Smaranda Almas. Anca Groza proposed collection „Poppins Pops Out”. „It is a special author collection, tailored made costumes, previously presented at the University of Art and Design Galas as Bachelor’s Degree Fashion Project. I exhibited it „Festtop Navodari” and „Summer Fashion Mamaia Festival”, where it made a good impression. Collection’s focus is beloved childhood character, Mary Poppins. Her character was the one who gave me the key engines of the collection as it is, in turn, merry and severe, but the most important element is that I used her power to escape dull reality. Concept outline is based on the typical British elements we modeled in the spirit of the book and movie atmosphere. The collection offers a pretext like character, atypical of daily output, a foray into the magical world of imagination. ” The project cost over a hundred million lei, money spent by parents. She managed a complete stylistic forecast that joined the line of the latest trends autumn-winter 2005-2006, the style of „governance”.

Nannies Are Back

„Checkered games, cool colors different tones of brown, beige and turquoise strong needle claret, jackets with spare closing or upside down, using typical masculine elements like ties, sticks and accessories typical Mary Poppins – large bags, lacy umbrellas and focus on the idea of ​​imaginary journey between daily and give an air of British femininity” the stylist says. Collection contains pret-a porte elements: hats, bouffant pants, umbrellas. Designer to use more fabric, suede and taffeta in matte-gloss games. Anca Groza believes that fashion is moving towards western style and is convinced that there is strong competition between the fashion school in Bucharest and Cluj. „They watch us with a skeptical eye and we do that too. But there may be a bit of envy from their side” she utters. Bucharest university graduates do not have collections of design projects in the late studies diploma. Cluj is a real frenzy: Make all graduates, regardless of how much the costs. Says stylist style „nanny” made a big-time comeback in autumn-winter 2005-2006 season, and is gonna stay. Besides the Russian style and Hitchcock style, the prairie dress is introduced, feminine clothes in wild west style. Empire simple dresses with prints, high waist and caps, lace collars and sleeves, will be en vogue.

Published in Ziua de Cluj Daily November 2005 signed Adriana Listes





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