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Youngs in Politics

Youngs in Politics Project

Youngs in Politics project aims at selecting talented young politicians in Cluj, members of local political organizations (girls and boys) and presenting their ideas, views and opinions. The target is to inspire young people and generate debates which should raise awareness for the younger generations defined by different mentality and perspectives on world to get involved in politics and decision making process. They are invited to design their own future and get rid of a certain restraint to get into politics as for decades of communist totalitarianism, citizens were kept out of real politics, regarded as non-invited. If one was courageous enough to say his opinion and exercize his citizenship rights he/she would have been severely punished. Politics remained a forbidden domain, available only for the totalitarian elite. After 20 years of tranzition to modern democracy, there are still remnants of old approach to be found. Politics nowadays got be considered a means of grasping official power for opportunistic to use it in their personal interest. This situation has to be changed and young politicians must be thoroughly supported to mark their ideas, their problems heared, solved and their projects and decisions become reality. There was a time when Romanian politicians were pragmatical and efficient scholars, widely respected across Europe: Kogalniceanu, Ghica, Bratianu, Titulescu. This time is to be revived again and the door to politics should be open only to real valuable individuals, animated by great ideas and outlining long expected projects to rebuild modern Romania.

The project consists in a number of interviews seen as a opportunity for the young politicians voices to be listened to, express problems, obstacles they face and their sollutions for change. Let us hear what they have to tell us.

Topics discussed in interviews:

1. Viable political models for young people in the current political context
2. Differences in mentality and approach to intergenerational policy, points of disagreement between juniors and seniors of local politics
3. Political developments in the party hierarchy view – possible or restricted depending on individual political background
4. Solutions for Romanian politicians to manage the formation of an European state
5. Local solutions to national issues from Cluj – decentralized decision-making
6. Public mindset – education solutions for public policy and social responsibility



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