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Youngs in Politics

Despina Cindroiu YO GRP Interview

Despina CINDROIU – YO GRP, president

Romania’s reform is not just the responsibility of nationalists, but those with liberal thinking, popular, conservative, social democrat. I believe that we young can offer effective solutions for reforming state. I do not want the same political players who led us into this social and political dead end to come back to tell us that „they know the right way”! No. Enough. Can they guarantee that over 20 years will not reach the same situation or worse? No how. So best is to leave us to assume the role of reformers. Thank you that they have not killed us all by their experiments, I mean in terms of physical or knowledge. We’ve had enough!

Q1. Political Models
Young people can always choose life models in any field. Political models among current class … I find it hard to say. Romania has a tendency to crush all that is good and beautiful gift we have to scratch the figurines in the window. How does a personality that can be a model, there are hundreds of analysts, journalists and bloggers to combat it, to dig up the past to bring out something black and ugly. Only Jesus Christ was without blemish, and yet he was crucified and still is. Each young man must make use of existing models to become a model himself. Romanian society does not need hundreds of Titulescu, Kogalniceanu and Balcescu, but young people who behave like them, but also be unique, because times are changing.

Q2. The difference between generations
I see this difference more as a complement: we, young people bring new ideas, spirit of adventure, enthusiasm and dedication – seniors contribute their life experience, the ability to understand people with a desire „to ascertain yet once „. Disagreements arise when choosing the means to fulfill our political creed of the party – we, juniors, we want actions, fun activities, concerts, national tours, interactive seminars, and seniors will tend to act standard. Younger generations are more rebellious.

Q3. Political evolve
Evolution in a party is hard to predict – written and unwritten rules that exist influence political path members. Academic preparation is important (a member with higher education is more likely to climb in the hierarchy than a less educated). Invested time and involvement of members is more important than gender, age or professional orientation. Sure that a decision maker is influenced, rather unconsciously, by their training and will tend to promote professional training members of the same (but I hope to be as little as possible). Better financial situation is based on political parties united in the interest of getting rich of its members. However, indirectly influences the evolution of the financial situation within the party. If you want to run on a local or national election, you must have a certain amount of money (properly would be the maximum allowed by election law) to you promote yourself, your program and the party you support. It is unfair that a candidate not to participate financially in his campaign and this affects the overall campaign of the party and even other conscientious fellow. This happened especially in GRP general elections of 2008 when some candidates had campaign several million lei and obtained scores below 1% pulling down overall score of the party.

Q4. The situation of women
It requires an increased level of involvement of Romanian women in politics, which in turn attract votes from women. The image „woman politician” should be changed to promoting social policies, to develop legislation in respect of family and child protection. Women in politics must become what it is in the family: child development support, spouse support and adviser. But until now, women’s policy failed to bring something that was missing the Romanian political scene – common sense.

Q5. Formation of European politicians
Romanian society needs the involvement of specialists, especially those with experience in Western countries and politicians with long-term vision and responsibility. Cooperation between the two elements lead to the creation of public policy both efficient and effective. But the politician corrupt puppet of vested interests will not be able to effectively use international preparation, whether based on national public policies is not the common interest of Romania, the result will be void, even if the politician in question will outline hundreds of projects and will attend all training institutes. A European country has more need of specialists in public administration, not the politicians, whose only role is to consult with specialists in the fields. Generally, Romanian politician believed to be good at all and then tends to skip endorsed expertise.

Q6. Decentralizing decision-making. Intelligent Cluj people in the capital
As long as it does not involve a territorial decentralization, concept agreed. Only the makers of local know best what the local needs are and what to do to solve problems. We need extra care when want to highlight local intelligences. There is true intelligence in the university center of Cluj, in local entrepreneurship.

Q8. Public awareness
Education policy is only aggregation schemes and do not want it, but public education in Romania is a must. Likewise, social responsibility can not be forced from the top down, it must be something organic that grows in every Romanian soul, then spread to all levels of society. If the administrative apparatus of Romania will give socially responsible and will be honest, then Romania will become responsible. Until when we are just witnessing barbaric fight for survival (defining national quality) and the fight for supremacy, like – one in a higher position is superior to a lower one, a owner is higher than the buyer, a superior officer is superior to a citizen came to the town hall issues . In this chain, each of us identify with one of these roles at a time given. I think Romania has been applied on a national scale „Pitesti Experiment” – the psychological torture they want to turn in the hold for others and a mass of room for interest groups.

Q8. Personal experience
Great Romania Party Youth Organization, one thing is certain – there is no prejudice. I took office at a very small age, I had not yet completed university studies and although they did not oppose any local leader, no other party member (youth or senior). Are still on high political barricade to support the idea of ​​national defense and the Romanian national state is still a young want to come with us, fighting for the same ideals as mine. Out of my experience, found that young people get involved in politics for two reasons. The first is related to social responsibility, so they think can help Romania – are involved in supporting a doctrine (nationalist, liberal, social democratic, Christian democratic, popular, conservative, etc..) And the second is for personal interests ( are those who believe that only one party can get anything in this country). Analyzing the two types of young political militants, I am glad to be part of a party of more than four years is no longer an opportunity for young people who want to get rich or pursue other hidden interests. So, can I rely on my colleagues because they know they are honest, that do what they do for pleasure and not have to pray for them to participate in activities or to promise anything. The current situation gives you the moral support when something upsets you party or when you feel pushed aside, but also requires responsibility, when they can not understand the expectations, you can not leave the boat until the last sailor is saved.
As personal projects, it is hard to nominate one because we imposed a collegial work. If someone proposes an action, a project or an idea, we all gather and discuss every possible aspect until „polished diamond”, so that eventually you can not say it was your idea. In addition to local action, I hope to materialize a project whose design I have contributed, that of Youth program for Romania. This project wants to bring to public attention the need for dialogue between politicians and professionals. It is true that specialists trying to identify young people to come with their experience, knowledge acquired abroad or with their enthusiasm and provide viable proposals to relaunch the country’s governors. The principle behind this project can be illustrated with the following Eminescu quote: „I tell young people that the future belongs to them, they want to steal this”.

Q9. Project group: PRM – Youth for Romania – is targeted at reforming the Romanian politicians mentality. Excerpt: Greater Romania Youth Organization (GRYO) is to launch the project „Youth for Romania”. Thus, youth organizations are youth urged to outline a project to reform Romania. „The current political class has proved incapable of leading this Romania. For 20 years, speaks of reform in Romania, which is very important in terms of PRM Youth Organization. Education reform, the economy, in health, administration, without discussing the real reform that is the basis of all reforms. Reform principles that generate sound, reform mentalities’. This project is especially necessary now that we see, ever more clearly that all post-revolutionary political class failed. Been 20 years since the revolution and Romania is among least Europe countries in all categories (political, social, economic, financial, tursm, etc..). PRM is his fault that it failed to reach the government and in the opposition is hard to reform a country. In this context, youth involvement is required. I would like this project is not just the OTRM’s, I would like to work on this project and young people from other parties. Romania’s reform is not just the responsibility of nationalists, but those with liberal thinking, popular, conservative, social democrat. I think we young people can we provide efficient solutions to reform the state. I do not want the same political actors that have led to this dead end come back and tells us that „they know the right way.” A. Enough. Well can they guarantee that in more than 20 years will not reach the same dead end, or worse, no how. So the best thing is to leave us to assume the role of reformers. Thank you that you have not killed us all with their experiments, I mean in terms of physical or knowledge. We’ve had enough!

Despina is an religious icon painter and during the summer hollidays she paints churches’ walls with religious scenes. She graduated Faculty of Religious Sciencies and is a Master of Arts in Painting.



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