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Youngs in Politics

Mihai Cucerzan NCPP Interview


Young politicians should be noted in Cluj not by scandals in city clubs, prostitutes or bonded attendance campaign posters. Performance criteria must be other than servility to the leader who then gives you a comfortable job in a municipality or a quiet holiday for four years by the legislature in Bucharest and Brussels. Many values missing of „relationships” and financial support are given closed doors.

Q1. Political Models
Present Romanian society is becoming poorer in personalities who can act as models. Therefore, now see a reversal of the system of values ​​and deepening moral crisis. In my view, Romanian ideal politician should be patriotism of Ferdinand I (which, to serve the interests of the country preferred to turn their weapons against German families), the democratic spirit and character of Iuliu Maniu (who decisively contributed to the union and suffered martyrdom in the communist prisons), nobility and vision of Ion Ratiu or consistency and verticality of Coposu. Essential values ​​of a politician must be so: patriotism (above all must love your country and people to serve) and professionalism (not enough to want to serve your nation, and you must know how to do). Then, the politician must have represented the human value of wisdom, vision, character and verticality. True politician serves the personal interests of the community and not the end of this road and knows that he has done his job, leaving behind a better world.

Q2. Differences between generations
Our Party seniors during post-December were marked by the struggle to reform the political class in accordance with paragraph 8 of the Timisoara Proclamation. They wanted a new political class lacks the individuals who belonged to the old totalitarian structures. They also aimed to repair the injustice done by the communist regime, Romania’s real democratization of the country’s orientation towards European integration and Euro-Atlantic structures. Some of their wishes were fulfilled. It remains the responsibility of the new generation to meet the goals that our party has targeted more than 150 years of its existence. So we ought to fight for the emancipation of the Romanian nation through our doctrine defining elements: nationalism lit the village as an expression of support for the Romanian spirituality, Christian democracy (involving morality, justice and social solitary, subsidiarity, the involvement of Christian values ​​in politics) and Last but not least, integration into the European values ​​and culture, preservation of Romanian in a united Europe the principle of „unity in diversity”.

Q3. Political developments
Romanian political system is sick, politics has become a business for those who invest in the campaign and then out profit, affecting the common interest. Regrettably, the habit is taken over by the new wave. Young politicians should be noted Cluj not only by scandals in city clubs, prostitutes or bonded attendance campaign posters. Performance criteria must be other than servility to the leader who then gives you a comfortable job in a municipality or a quiet holiday for four years by the legislature in Bucharest and Brussels. Many values missing ​​of „relationships” and financial support are given closed doors. I hope that over the years this system will recover. We all want a change of generation in Cluj always demands were high and those who came from behind to live up to expectations. Not only politicians, but the Romanian society as a whole will be really a tricky situation if we continue to lose young values ​​have to go elsewhere because here no chance to stay.

Q4. Training of politicians
God has endowed each spirit with certain qualities. Each man received a number of thalers, some more, some less, and the biblical parable points out that their number does not matter but the manner in which they are used. Some physical qualities, others psychological. Some write well know, others can communicate great, draw, run, play, work. We are all different but society needs the contribution of human activities We thanks every social division of labor. In this context we can say that there are people whose quality is the ability to lead society in the interests of the common good. Plato likened the city administration with running a ship. The only person competent and capable of carrying passengers to the destination is the ship captain. He is an individual qualified in this respect, the passenger was not rich, popular, charismatic and voluble. Ship led by a lay person will not reach the destination than accidental. In politics, societies are doomed to stagnation or inadequately conducted regression. In conclusion, say that political leader is the result of inner substance mixture – specialized training due to school. The two issues can not be designed separately.

Q5. Public awareness
Democratic system works effectively only in the context of a political and educated society characterized by social and civic responsibility. Without leaders valued the whole company will suffer, and in Romania, politicians filter value is poor, as long as votes are bought and there was a majority of ignorant, misinformed, simple to use. Culture determines freedom, said Goethe, and a free and informed community is a strong community. Western-style society, this goal is pursued during the Enlightenment. The solution? Empowerment, increasing socio-cultural population to form a proper political mentality. Without this essential step will continue to strive in the world will continue to mediocrity since unknowingly vote, lured by cheap promises, disappointment after disappointment living. Primary socialization in the family is made, the secondary school. Throughout life there are other factors enlighten the church and the media also have the ability to provide models. Giving up a genuine system of values ​​and exacerbate promiscuity reflects a degenerative process. Underworld leaders have become opinion leaders, assist the Romanian village manelizarea spirit. Trivial behaviors offered by the „models” that appear on TV are copied by the young. We are facing a people confused and responsible political system has the duty and obligation to support unconditionally instructors factors mentioned above: family, school and church.

Q6. Personal Projects
Proposals and position papers:
• depoliticization of local business, Local and County Council set up a technocrat, taken in committees of professionals and not political pawns.
• increased involvement of representatives of the City Council districts.
• establishment of a community in each office to prepare European projects.
• formulating a request strategies to attract tourists.
• imposing performance criteria in the work of local councils and the introduction of mandatory compliance law electoral promises.
• depoliticizing deconcentratelor
• Establishing the „First farm” designed to encourage agricultural development by offering those interested to undertake such activities in rural areas.
• introduction in the curriculum of schools in rural areas of new disciplines designed to develop entrepreneurial capacities of rural youth, information for rural youth through school on issues covering agriculture, livestock, horticulture, project management European, rural tourism, rural tourism, etc..
• start a project from which, after the model urban, rural roads to be assigned names. These can be chosen either by community or by the authorities and personalities can be local, national, etc..
• managing and maintaining adequate green spaces, installation of large potted shrubs and central pedestrian areas (eg King Street Ferdinad total lack of greenery).
• proper sanitation request sidewalks and streets, criticizing the destruction of green space in the city center.
• paving proposal medieval-style John Street Bob.
• rehabilitation of the building where the request to initial union in 1859, the building has reached the brink of collapse
• proposal to achieve outside of a sound track for riders who pollute.
• Defense request for Rosia Montana national interest.
• a proposal for implementation of busts Maniu Coposu, Ratiu.
• Drugs „legal”
• Drawing Contest history dedicated to high school students – Iuliu Maniu and Greater Union.
• support by hosting a chess club Cluj chess party headquarters.
Social networking projects
• setting up Facebook group „Cluj – European Capital of Culture” with over 2,000 adherents up to 2 weeks.
• Create presentation montages cities and countries and their posting on the Internet, with tens of thousands of views.
• the proposal that 2011 be declared the Year Cioran 100.
• disaster criticism and warnings from Baile Herculane media in this regard



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