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Language Show Live 2011 – photo/video

Language Show Live 2011, London, UK

Evenimentul Language Show Live incepe maine dimineata in Olympia Hall Exibition Center din Londra, pe Hummersmith Kensington. Intrarea este gratuita, inscrierea se face online, primesti confirmarea pe mail, codul si biletul de intrare pe care il printezi si il iei cu tine. De vineri pana duminica, ai acces la 100 de seminarii, workshopuri si prezentari, 29 free taster classes, 160 de expozanti, companii si institutii, 18 cursuri intensive, world cinema, 60 de showuri. Dansuri, muzica, filme, degustari de vin si mancare, multiculturalism si 10.000 de participanti din lumea intreaga. Plus targul de joburi Careers Zone. Avantaj: este perioada zborurilor low-cost wizz air. Profita. Have a taste to wet your appetite 🙂

 Remember your  e-ticket confirmation. We will re-send it later today in case you have lost it. Your booking reference is LI118xxx
 Pick-up your free show guide when you arrive as it contains everything happening at the show as well as a useful floorplan
 Plan your journey– leave plenty of time to get to the show
 Make notes – take down  useful phrases to learn, top tips or a website recommended to you in a seminar
 Join in – ask  questions at seminars, talk to exhibitors and practice your language skills at the ‘Join the Conversation’ area
 Try something new – a taster class, a product demo, food and wine tastings
 Look out for show-only offers – there’s 100s to take advantage of
 Most  importantly….have fun! A visit is your chance to learn, experience and enjoy languages with your friends, family and colleagues!



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