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The Corporate Social Media Summit, London 2011

Corporate Social Media Summit, London UK 2011

Evenimentul este organizat de Useful Social Media in 28-29 noiembrie la Millenium Gloucester London. What you will get:

  • Best practice and insight from an unrivalled line-up of leading corporate practitioners
  • An agenda focused on all the key social media issues that a corporate practitioner needs2know
  • A fantastic and unrivalled networking opportunity – share problems and build your contact book
  • Leading strategists in corporate social media – in one place


Dell, Director, Social Media and Community, Richard Binhammer

Nokia, Global Manager, Social Media Strategy & Communications, Lauren Gerstner

Best Buy, Social and New Media Manager, Graeme Cole

Glaxo Smith Kline, Social Media Demand Manager, Alkesh Shah

Telefonica (O2), Customer Experience Director, Graham Webster

Siemens, Global Internet & Social Media Manager, Gail Lyon

Nike, Brand Communications Manager, Neil Potter

Whole Foods, Head of Integrated Media, Bill Tolany

Paddy Power, Online Sportsbook Social Media Manager , Michelle Daly-Hayes

Unilever, Senior Director, Global Media Innovation, Debbie Weinstein

Nissan, AMIE Digital Engagement Manager, David Parkinson

EA Interactive, International Marketing Director, Fabrice Etienne

Samsung, Digital Campaign Manager, Laura Dance

Cisco, Head of Strategy, Emerging Markets Services, Andrew Warden

KLM, Director E-Acquisition, Viktor van der Wijk

3M, General Manager, e-Channels UK and Ireland, James Simpson

Citrix, Director of Social Media, Kelly Feller

Marketwire, Director of Sales UK, Roy Jacques

CME Group, Director, Corporate Communications, Allan Schoenberg



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