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Strauss in Mall

Best Day for Shopping – Christmas Concert Iulius Mall Cluj    Conductor – Thomas Herzog, Switzerland. Perfect day for shopping in Iulius Mall today: pile up your reserves for holidays then drop your winning ticket for the big conquest while listening to Cluj Philharmonic Orchestra Christmas show there. The concert starts at 18.00 playing Strauss father&son works, Brahms, Berlioz, Rossini, Gimenez, Haciaturian. Watch Blue Danube … Continuă lectura

Weekend Home Cinema 18/12

Sex and the City 2 Sex and the City 2, Totul despre sex 2, the movie HBO h 20.00   Great fun for New York girls in part 2 as all expected – big carrers, freedom, fashion and having good time  The big question is: what happens after you say I do and get married: family rules, children, … Continuă lectura

Weekend Home Cinema 17/12

Winter’s Bone & Eye of the Needle Winter’s Bone – Mainile tatalui meu, Cinemax h 21.00 Young 17-year-old Ree Dolly enters the criminal underworld her father works for She must find her father condemned in court for drug trafficking Otherwise, the family will be left homeless Eye of the Needle – Spionul, Cinemax 2 h 21.00       A German … Continuă lectura

Klauzenburg-Nepal Textual Dialogue

From Klauzenburg to Nepal and Back Again on Books Highway Tavi Hoandra wrote Klauzenburg Memories in Klauzenburg Caffe sipping a coffe. Razvan Marc travelled to Nepal and published his exotic adventures in Nepal – Internet Cafe. Sitting on a chair or globe-trotting, both situations are authentic and demanding. What is virtual and what is real? You choose. Waiting … Continuă lectura

Social Media Summit Cluj 2011 by Biz

Step Into the Future SMS Cluj 2011 – Social Media Tips&Tricks Watch the videos and learn from the best: bloggers and social media specialists as well as company representatives gathered to share knowledge on social media communication instruments. Unleash the power of social media. Step into the future Alina&Razvan @tvdece.ro presentation Costin @refresh.ro presentation Victor … Continuă lectura

sms cluj 2nd edition

Social Media Summit Cluj, maine Conferinta Social Media Summit Cluj este organizata de revista Biz in 14 decembrie la City Plaza. SMS iti ofera ocazia sa afli cum poti influenta 3 milioane de cititori de bloguri si 2 milioane de utilizatori romani de Facebook. Vei invata strategii eficiente de construire a unui brand personal sau … Continuă lectura

Know Your Rights

International Human Rights Day 10th of December 2011 Global Human Rights Movement All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights 10th of December 1948: United Nations signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Human Rights Day is globally marked by social, political and cultural events focused on human rights issues. Nobel Peace Prize is awarded … Continuă lectura

Amazing Protest

1. Hooked in Protest, Hong Kong Alice Newstead hanged herself on a shark hook. She painted her body silver, had her back skin pierced and organized an unusual protest hanging herself up on a metal hook in Hong Kong. She explained that she decided to use shock tactics to raise awareness against shark fin soup consumption. Some people called … Continuă lectura

Winter Pig Traditional Ritual

Traditional winter pig ritual started at the beginning of December People sacrifice the pigs, process the meat and prepare sausages, ham, organical food of all kind Watch videos here              

Winter Party Jurnalisti&Bloggeri

Petrecere jurnalisti&bloggeri Locatie: Le General Cand: 15 decembrie h 19.00 Event: karaoke, tombola, surprize Detalii si inscrieri pe blogul lui Dan Olteanu si al lui Tiberiu Farcas