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Weekend Home Cinema 4/12

The Tale of Despereaux & Salt

The Tale o Despereaux Cinemax 15.45

Despereaux (voice by Matthew Broderick) in animation adventure from Universal Pictures' The Tale of ...

Princess Pea (voice by Emma Watson) with Despereaux (voice by Matthew Broderick) in Universal Pictur...

Despereaux Tilling a courageous and intelligent mouse born with huge ears and eyes wide open

He is very courageous like no other mouse: isn’t afraid of humans and reads books instead of eating them

Because of not respecting the law of being afraid of humans and his courageus attitude he is imprisoned in jail

He finally saves princess Pea, kidnapped by evil rats living in the darkness and scared by light

After a book by Kate diCamillo

Salt HBO 21.30

Angelina Jolie Takes A Salt Slice 

Angelina Jolie stars a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt accused of being a russian spy attempting to kill the US president.

She runs away using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture

Salt tries to protect her family as most powerful forces try to erase her whole existence

Salt finally finds out the identity of the real killer



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