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Weekend Home Cinema 17/12

Winter’s Bone & Eye of the Needle

Winter’s Bone – Mainile tatalui meu, Cinemax h 21.00

Winter's Bone

Young 17-year-old Ree Dolly enters the criminal underworld her father works for

She must find her father condemned in court for drug trafficking

Otherwise, the family will be left homeless

Eye of the Needle – Spionul, Cinemax 2 h 21.00


Well-made spy thriller Well-made spy thriller

Well-made spy thriller Still of Kate Nelligan in Eye of the Needle

A German spy code-named ‘Needle” comes to Britain to get information on Allied invasion plans

He shipwrecks on a remote scottish island occupied by a young family with a child

Needle and wife are going to have an affair



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