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Cornel Nistorescu, author of the text Ode to America, journalist and manager at Cotidianul daily newspaper launched his latest volumes titled Reporter at the End of the World (1978-1988) and Romanians, Something is Getting Ready! Political Letters, Stories, Interviews, Editorials from Expres (1990-1995) on the 4th of December. Within this context, the journalist gave a lecture in the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University.

Nistorescu was born in Hunedoara, Romania in the village Turnaș, as the son of Aurel and Ilina. He studied the Italian language and culture at Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Philology in Cluj-Napoca. Before graduating, he worked in a real factory as a turner so he got to know the hard work common people were subjected to for making a living. He debuted in Student Life / Viața studențească magazine in 1971 where he worked for nine years, but he also wrote stories for other cultural magazines such as Equinox / Echinox, The Star / Steaua, The Flame / Flacăra. In 1990, he founded together with Michael Carciog the magazine Expres where he signed the columns Pocket Stories and Political Letters. Since 1997, he took over the management of the daily newspaper Evenimentul zilei / The News of the Day. Then he established the private national radio station Europa FM. Later, he signed editorials for Foaia transilvană and Ediție specială based in Craiova. Since 2009, Nistorescu manages Cotidianul newspaper and the online news paltform www.cotidianul.ro.

An Ode to America was published on 24th of September 2001 in the Romanian Evenimentul zilei / News of the Day newspaper. The editorial was written after the terrorist attack launched on 11th of September 2001 by al-Qaeda terrorist group upon the United States in New York City and Washington DC. During this attacks, two airplanes were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center towers and another airplane was crashed into the Pentagon building.

The volume Reporter at the End of the World contains nonfiction literature, stories written and published by Nistorescu in newspapers and magazines between 1978-1988. Reporter at the end of the world republishes his previous books Happenings in the Silence of a Photography / Întâmplări în liniștea unei fotografii (Reporter Collection XV, Junimea, Iași, 1978), Provisional Paradise / Paradisul provizoriu (Albatros, București, 1982), and The Owner of Illusions / Proprietarul de iluzii (Cartea Românească, București, 1988). The stories are taken down on the field as Nistorescu was a field journalist covering the events and reporting on the scene in those years. He talked to people working at building sites, in mines, factories, hospitals, at sea, inmates detained in prison, and depicted events and real characters: Lady Beti and the Judgment Day, The Mornings and the Springs of a Lowland Man, A Man and a Horse Connecting the Village Albac to Six Continents.




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