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Short Stories

The Crushed House

The Crushed House

I had a strange dream last night or maybe I just imagined or it was a movie I could have watched once …. I think I heard a smothered sigh. Scared, started shouting out loud: “Who is there in my house? Are you a thief, a psycho or maybe a cannibal?” while reaching out for something around.

“It is me”.


“The house”.

“Hey, you can’t talk, you have never done that before. Why are you crying, I can’t sleep”.

“I am a sad house, so small and petty standing here for a hundred years. I feel crushed between the other two bigger houses pushing me from aside, both left and right”.

“Stretch your hands and shuffle your feet”. Creaks, groans and grunts, the house was shaking and the bed turned into a boat. Suddenly, we were floating on a huge brown lake in a giant boat under a jelly grey sky. The house whose name was Rou looked surprised at first, but then started humming a waltz. “Well, Rou, let’s talk about your friends on the left and on the right, were they funny?”. “Who, Lie and Pol? They were like two guardians holding me tight. Let me tell you a secret, Lie likes to lie and Pol is kind of lonely. Lie is noisy and looks down on me, while Pol is silent and calm, somewhat mysterious, though sometimes proud. Lie is partying all the time, but Pol ruminates”.

A paper bird flew besides us, carrying the latest news on her wings. “See, Rou, they say the lake and the sky will turn upside down today at 8 o’clock. Will you sit on your roof while I will sit on my head? We will have fun”. The jelly sky got cloudy and pink candies started falling down. “Rou, open your windows and doors, let the candies in!” Rou grew and grew till it became as big as a church, then as big as a mountain. “Rou, please stop growing, I could fall down from here, throw all the candies away and come back on the boat”. But the boat changed into a hideous whale raging and roaring terribly. “Boat, is it because of the candies that you turned into a whale?”. “No, the lake turned into a huge cup of coke and I drank and drank till I became a monster”. The whale cried and cried, the sounds faded away and I woke up with my hand inside a coke can on the night stand. I found the Halloween candy box leftovers under the cover poking into my back. Quite an adventure, I murmured washing my teeth …

Adriana Listes Pop




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