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The Cigarette Butt

After the post about the cigarette stubs I got a smelly message letting me know that somebody has read it. Just today, at around 11.30, somebody left a smoking half of a cigarette on my threshold, the window heading street being opened. From within, I felt something was smelling really bad. I checked the back window facing the garden where the smell usually gets in when the neighbours smoke, but it was closed. Then went to the front door and there it was, a cigarette butt dropped there intentionally. Not much to guess who it could have been, the next door’s guests passed by to get to their car, shouting out loud towards the neighbour’s house. Usually they listen to high volume music, speak out loud, have their kids cry, sometimes they argue and fight. They come from a former soviet country, behave kind of rough and have strange customs, mating among them in a kind of strange ritual. They are aggressive and try to intimidate others by acting rude. What have I learned today is that the metaphor of the world as a melting pot has become the world as a huge ashtray. The ones that smoke risk not only their health, but use the cigarette smoke as a weapon against the others who don’t in order to chase them away. So they keep smoking me, making noise and scandal, parking their car in front of my house leaving theirs free and even ask their friends to park their car in front of my house and leave it there for as long as they desire. Once they got inside my courtyard by surprise to take the balls their kids have thrown over the fence playing it. It is a glorious new world order that resembles the Wild West movies with people coming all over the world to have a slice of the freedom in the way they understand it. 261120151406261120151407261120151408





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