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Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary

Today, lots of people and animals passed by my window, they think it belongs to them, together with the pavement, the street and the façade. Once, a Red Cow mistook it for a stable. It wanted to get inside, I couldn’t let it. Finally, the cow left, calling me various names, but something makes me … Continuă lectura

Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary

An ant got into the house today, crawling on the walls, moving in circles in all directions. It seemed panicked. I asked what is wrong, why this agitation. Hesitating, the ant told me that a few days ago, hot chocolate was pouring out on the streets. It sought refuge inside. “Have you ever seen an … Continuă lectura

Can I meet you on Sunday?

“My vixen will come to take it” said the fox. “Why can’t you come?” asked the she-goat doctress, lifting eyebrows under the glasses, inquisitive. “I am working. Can I meet you on Sunday?” the fox asked, leaning forward, trying to look preoccupied and interested. Maybe he was worried about his state of health or it … Continuă lectura