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Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary, Uncategorized

Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary

Today, lots of people and animals passed by my window, they think it belongs to them, together with the pavement, the street and the façade. Once, a Red Cow mistook it for a stable. It wanted to get inside, I couldn’t let it. Finally, the cow left, calling me various names, but something makes me think it is still waiting at the corner of the neighbouring street. It is an old terraced house, erected a century ago, and the wedge I am living in is the cheese trapped within the bread slices. The bread belongs to a Mus Booduga. It seems it really wants the cheese. At 2 o’clock, the bathroom kitchen pipes burst out, letting the water flow down through the ceiling in the kitchen, down the chandelier. The toilet makes a terrible noise every time it is flushed, I think there is a monster buried there. It roars horribly, shaking the floor. This is the first serious outbreak of the hideous, hidden monster. I went to my car, started to drive away when, after a while, another car bumped into me. The driver was a Blue Grey bull.



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