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Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary

Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary

Today I have read about the possibility of establishing families through sperm donation. As a sperm donor, you can establish maximum ten families and the process is regulated by NHS. NHS choices displays multiple options for you in this case, under the title Using a sperm donor: what you need to know: “You can use a donor you already know, say a friend or a donor you have met through an introduction website. You and the donor can together go to a fertility clinic, or you can have a private arrangement whereby the donor provides a fresh sperm sample directly to you, often in your home. You can go abroad for treatment with donor sperm. There is another choice called Sperm donation by private arrangement: “Using donor sperm from someone you already know, or who you have met via an introduction agency with a private arrangement, can be good for some people (for instance if you want ongoing contact with the donor during the child’s life) but it’s unregulated and potentially risky. You won’t have the legal and medical protections that a licensed clinic can give you and you can’t be sure the donor has been screened and checked. You may, therefore, decide to go to the clinic together so that you have the necessary legal and medical protections. If not, and you decide to go through with a private arrangement outside of a fertility clinic, you will always be the child’s mother. However, the law on who will be the child’s other parent is murkier. It’s possible that the sperm donor will be the legal father of your child, depending on:

  • whether you are single, married or in a civil partnership
  • whether the insemination took place through artificial insemination or sexual intercourse
  • who is named on the birth certificate
  • whether the donor will have established a relationship with the child”.
  • There are state and private NHS fertility clinics taking care of this business and the main idea is that they facilitate private arrangements for sexual intercourse for the purpose of making children. Does it happen from the first sexual act or might be necessary to have multiple sexual acts for a successful result, for instance a few months or years? It can be done through an introduction agency so it stroke my mind that it can happen everywhere, even at work, where a woman can find a male colleague interesting enough to make a child with him and maintain a long time relationship at work. It can be any public or private organization and the NHS is regulating this. Do they sign a contract? If the donor/lover/anonymous father is married, is his family aware of what is happening with the family genetic material being available for non-family members? This sounds atrocious and we need clear answers and rules for the wives, children caught in a family with a potential sperm donor/Casanova wishing to give more to other women without the family’s consent. I started to suspect that in some warehouses weird and obscene things happen (sex, swing, making children anonymously), the workers and the leadership covering themselves reciprocally. Their gates are always closed and even if they have a visitor and disabled side entrance, it is always closed. Nobody can enter the metallic gates without being helped by somebody from inside or with a special fob. There are agencies (introduction agencies?!) regulating the flow of workers, rolling a traffic of young women hired for a few days or weeks only, then disappearing. If the full time workers wear special uniform, the temp agency workers wear what they want (tight jeans, décolletage, very long hair, heavy make-up on their faces and even false eyelashes). Just watching them, it came into my mind that some of them might be prostitutes from Eastern Europe. It seems they use the warehouse to hide in plain sight and recruit clients among the male workers. My suspicions are that some agencies might hires prostitutes to work in the warehouse which is a risk situation for the families of the people working there. I find this is vicious, mean, and incriminating. I suspect this is a scheme elaborated by workers involved in international prostitution, sperm and genetic material trafficking, women trafficking, drug dealing networks/rings. This is not good at all, not even in the case of making children using a male colleague donor without the wife’s consent, as well as the other family members’ consent, the official children. I consider that the wife and other children should be asked for their consent or refusal in clear documents. Since when adulterine behaviour has become a respectable activity regulated by the state and institutions? Do they kill the wives protesting against this?


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