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Luton. With One Boot in Somebody’s Else’s Tray

One Boot in Somebody Else’s Tray


The route to Luton Airport is always surprising, you can never get bored. When you arrive there, if you are lucky to follow the GPS directions correctly and to get there on time, the real surprises just start to occur. Traffic jam. Rude workers. Bad attitude towards clients. I wonder why the airports keep asking for so much money for extensions when other towns should have their own airports, too. Why should everybody hurry to London for an overcrowded airport, driving for hours early in the morning, during the night or in the evening, risking blockages and accidents when it would be easier to have an airport at hand, for instance in Northampton? Almost every time I go through the security checks, somebody is stealing my printed plane ticket. Today it happened again, I noticed one boot and my plane tickets were missing from my tray. They were in another tray, over somebody else’s belongings 🙂



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