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Poppins Pops Out

Media Professionals Association Yearbook 2005 Cluj  Poppins Pops Out – Bucharest Fashion Week 2005 November 24. Bucharest Fashion Week sixth edition will host strong participation … from Cluj city. Festival will take place over four days in three different locations. Saturday at the National Theatre, Wella Gala will consist of six categories: hairdressers competition, hairstyle trends, special guest, fashion shows, demonstrations of … Continuă lectura

Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online – photo/video

Famous Dead Sea Scrolls Online War Scroll – The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness Click the link http://dss.collections.imj.org.il/ and see it with your own eyes: Dead Sea Scrolls on your private desktop. Discovered in Qumran cage in 1947, the scrolls have been scanned and uploaded on Israel Museum official website. The sacred texts … Continuă lectura


Cluj City VIPS was initially a university project for graduating master course Global Media at Babes Bolyai University, Political, Administrative and Communication Sciencies Faculty. Target: Identifying carreer models for the youngs to be inspired in their proffesional evolution. Interviewed persons: Head of Church Bartolomeu Anania, Academy President Ionel Haiduc, Head of University Babes-Bolyai Andrei Marga, … Continuă lectura

Collage Youth Magazine no.14/2001

Collage International Youth Magazine no.14/winter 2001 Published by ISHCA International Secretariat of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly NGO Romanian-Hungarian Relations in Transylvania: a problem? By Adriana Pop (Listes) Cluj-Napoca Romanians and Hungarians have lived side by side in Transylvania for about 1000 years. There have been moments in history when their relations were particularly strained, however. Romanians … Continuă lectura