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Lady T

Iron Lady Movie Premiere in London Tonight Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher (Roberts) Prime Minister in UK in the 80’s. Her national and international politics, especially position against Russians caused her to be called Iron Lady. Merryl Streep is the actress playing Margaret. Movie European premiere took place tonight in London. Watch the trailer Thatcher’s speech 1975

Weekend Home Cinema 18/12

Sex and the City 2 Sex and the City 2, Totul despre sex 2, the movie HBO h 20.00   Great fun for New York girls in part 2 as all expected – big carrers, freedom, fashion and having good time  The big question is: what happens after you say I do and get married: family rules, children, … Continuă lectura

Weekend Home Cinema 17/12

Winter’s Bone & Eye of the Needle Winter’s Bone – Mainile tatalui meu, Cinemax h 21.00 Young 17-year-old Ree Dolly enters the criminal underworld her father works for She must find her father condemned in court for drug trafficking Otherwise, the family will be left homeless Eye of the Needle – Spionul, Cinemax 2 h 21.00       A German … Continuă lectura

Weekend Home Cinema 4/12

The Tale of Despereaux & Salt The Tale o Despereaux Cinemax 15.45 Despereaux Tilling a courageous and intelligent mouse born with huge ears and eyes wide open He is very courageous like no other mouse: isn’t afraid of humans and reads books instead of eating them Because of not respecting the law of being afraid of humans … Continuă lectura

Weekend Home Cinema 3/12

How to Train Your Dragon & Spy Game How to Train YOur Dragon HBO Comedy Hiccup is the son of the king on Berk viking island. They are fighting the almighty dragons Hiccup is expected to kill one to become a respected man He will be Toothless most fearful dragon best friend Spy Game Cinemax 21.00 CIA operative Nathan … Continuă lectura

Weekend Home Cinema

Tonight: Tangled & Tron Legacy Tangled – O poveste incalcita 18.20 HBO Funny fairytale cartoon adventure with Flynn and Rapunzel. Rapunzel has got a very very long blonde hair which appears to be magical. Watch it and find out why. Tron Legacy – Mostenirea 20.00 HBO Sam Flynn is looking for his father. They got trapped … Continuă lectura

Weekend Home Cinema

Movies tonight: Eat Pray Love & The Special Relationship Eat Pray Love 20.45 HBO Comedy starting right now Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) is starting a new life. She is going around the world to redescover herlself. She enjoys good food in Italy, pray in India and love in Bali. The Special Relationship 21.00 HBO Tony Blair … Continuă lectura