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Hell Bits

Dead too early  Cold fierce darkness Heavy iron door closed behind Death deep abyss at my feet Trembling try hard not to fall in Empty my mind of any thoughts Control the throbbing headache Wanna leave but cannot I am meaningless, have no rights and no hopes An unclaimed object at the city lost objects agency … Continuă lectura

Haiku – video geisha dance

HAIKU Păsările năpădesc cerul Vor să treacă dincolo Spre ceva ireal și de nepătruns, ca o părere   Porumbul s-a copt Mare aurie, fremătândă O vrabie stă nemișcată pe o ramură   Vântul trece ușor peste căpițe Un cal stingher își tremură crupa Început de toamnă   Strugurii se înghesuie unii în alții Geometrie subtilă … Continuă lectura

Japanese Fairytale – video

GOLDEN LOTUS Once lived a man named Ci-Hao Lau Si. He was esteemed by everyone regarded as rich and well received at the king’s court. Ci-Hao had many children and wives, houses, land, gold and gems, however, in the depths of his soul, was not satisfied. He was in searching of, nor did he not know what, but … Continuă lectura