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in the courtyard

      I wanted to go outside to breathe some fresh air, out of the old centenary house, cold and unwelcoming, populated with icy unfriendly entities, invisible and maleficent, scratching my spine with long, inverted claws. I felt them crawling inside of me, breathing the air inhaled, squeezing my inner organs with ghostly hands. … Continuă lectura


You want to rent a flat in UK, have a place where to rest your bones after a hard day’s work. The first problem you encounter is when you realize it is very difficult to find a good apartment here, there are only very old secular smelly houses, where the light in the bathroom

The Dead Man in the Closet, A Trojan Horse and Hamlet’s Father’s Ghost

Living in UK is not easy, you have to pay good money to rent old houses which keep bad smells and some ghosts in the corners. Shakespeare is breathing in your neck together with Hamlet, the skull and his father’s ghost. Moving to a new house was a real marathon, succeeded to do it in … Continuă lectura

Luton. With One Boot in Somebody’s Else’s Tray

One Boot in Somebody Else’s Tray   The route to Luton Airport is always surprising, you can never get bored. When you arrive there, if you are lucky to follow the GPS directions correctly and to get there on time, the real surprises just start to occur. Traffic jam. Rude workers. Bad attitude towards clients. … Continuă lectura

Bree T-Shirt and the Warehouse Project. Code Leave

Bree T-Shirt and the Warehouse Project. Code Leave   Every Eastern-European new comer in UK goes through a shock when searching for work. There is plenty, in the warehouses, usually, contracted by agencies, which, as far as I have seen, don’t respect the worker’s rights. The warehouse worker has no right whatsoever if he/she is … Continuă lectura

Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary

Today, lots of people and animals passed by my window, they think it belongs to them, together with the pavement, the street and the façade. Once, a Red Cow mistook it for a stable. It wanted to get inside, I couldn’t let it. Finally, the cow left, calling me various names, but something makes me … Continuă lectura

Bree T-Shirt and the English Diary

An ant got into the house today, crawling on the walls, moving in circles in all directions. It seemed panicked. I asked what is wrong, why this agitation. Hesitating, the ant told me that a few days ago, hot chocolate was pouring out on the streets. It sought refuge inside. “Have you ever seen an … Continuă lectura


  Bree T-Shirt is a blogger travelling around the world, currently located in England. He wants to know the way British people live, eat, sleep, work, study and entertain. I have found a few pages scribbled on a school notebook, in black ink, some words being underlined in green pen, sporadically. The first entries in … Continuă lectura

The Cigarette Butt

After the post about the cigarette stubs I got a smelly message letting me know that somebody has read it. Just today, at around 11.30, somebody left a smoking half of a cigarette on my threshold, the window heading street being opened. From within, I felt something was smelling really bad. I checked the back window facing … Continuă lectura


The Bird in Space I don’t know how it happened, it might be after the exhibition in Paris where a Bird in space sculpture moved all of a sudden. Nobody seemed to see it waving its body as if turning into light. I went closer to look at it carefully, a bit concerned and touched … Continuă lectura