Youngs in Politics

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Sorin Platon, Politics Caffe

SORIN PLATON – Politics Caffe Association Romanian citizen equation seems to be as follows: retrograde mentality and weak predisposition to area civic and social-empathic. Although performing, even political, externally, can do to a ham. We have a genetic background that generates performance, but only as disparate entities, as individuals. Project company is still vaguely country-nation … Continuă lectura

Mihai Cucerzan NCPP Interview

MIHAI CUCERZAN – PNTCD Young politicians should be noted in Cluj not by scandals in city clubs, prostitutes or bonded attendance campaign posters. Performance criteria must be other than servility to the leader who then gives you a comfortable job in a municipality or a quiet holiday for four years by the legislature in Bucharest and … Continuă lectura

Vlad Murgoi YO GRP

VLAD MURGOI – YO GRP The current Romanian society in full crisis, money seems to be clearly superior wisdom. Things are the same in politics as long as financially supporting the party are first put on the lists of candidates. Political development based on skills and personal qualities is possible in some parties that have … Continuă lectura

Despina Cindroiu YO GRP Interview

Despina CINDROIU – YO GRP, president Romania’s reform is not just the responsibility of nationalists, but those with liberal thinking, popular, conservative, social democrat. I believe that we young can offer effective solutions for reforming state. I do not want the same political players who led us into this social and political dead end to … Continuă lectura

Bildea Ioan NLP Interview

BILDEA IOAN – National Liberal Party Political opposition mission is to punish power’s deviations in public debate, analyze the solutions proposed by the government and provide, in turn, effective solutions. Currently, in Cluj, the opposition is represented by a single party, NLP. Because SDP quit do opposition, the task is even more difficult for us. It’s a … Continuă lectura

Florin Moldovan YO LNP Interview

Florin Moldovan YO LNP Due to age and enthusiasm, members of youth organizations engage more in activities of electoral distribution in the mailbox or street, door-to-door campaigns, putting up posters. At one point, they may be disregarded by the seniors, not able to see them otherwise. Treatment of mature youth organization with a genuine political … Continuă lectura

Cristian Ciuta YO LNP Interview

CRISTIAN Ciuta – YO LNP A first generation of young politicians are already in the „class” politics and found they all pretty disappointed …. Why? Because they followed the same principles and rules as well as seniors. We all know that youth is not a virtue – if you’re young, you’re not wiser. There are still … Continuă lectura

Youngs in Politics Project

Youngs in Politics project aims at selecting talented young politicians in Cluj, members of local political organizations (girls and boys) and presenting their ideas, views and opinions. The target is to inspire young people and generate debates which should raise awareness for the younger generations defined by different mentality and perspectives on world to get involved in politics and decision … Continuă lectura